Many people wonder whether or not the IRS is willing to stop the instant tax refund business once and for all. Actually, facts are not there to certify the answer and set is at completely true; however, we can indeed state that this is something the IRS is strongly working for. In fact they want to do that in order for banks to stop foreseeing if people will need cash to pay Tax Return (after all, they do get this information and are willing to exploit people by offering immediate deals on loans).

Banks are not nice, ever.

Many people are not that keen on banks, and in fact they can be pretty mean institutions, especially for those who are looking for loans. We do know a thing or two about interest rates, which tend to be quite high. When we think about the instant tax refund money we can definitely associate it at bankĀ“s being clever, after all those who need this money are the ones who do not have money. People who need money fast (low amounts of cash, usually under 5 thousand dollars), are the ones who suffer the most. Continue reading “Does the IRS Wish to Stop the Instant Tax Refund Business Altogether?” »